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About Us | Ran Out of Ink

What is this site about? Ran Out of Ink is a site focuses on six different categories. They are: Fashion, Food, Health, IT, and Travel. The categories says it all. The various topics would keep you engaged, and entertained. It will not just be about one thing or one area that would become monotonous. Ran out of ink will give people a good read during their breaks and help plan any adventure, or outfit.


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Get to know some nice outfit ideas that would be great for date nights, or festivals, or even amusement parks. Mix and match your closet to create a stunning outfit. Starting from your head to toe, you would have an idea of how to dress up for any occasion. Fashion is all about presenting how you are as a person. So, it is important to have a good taste in fashion. But no matter what you wear, just be confident and strut the streets. Stay classy and fabulous!


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Food is life! Wherever we go, we love to taste different types of traditional dishes. Most of the times, we are extremely satisfied with our taste bud. Whereas, sometimes we are not as happy about our feed. Going on a food venture is a fun activity to do, and it also helps to learn about a new culture. You do not complete your travel until you try the local food of that place.


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This “Health” category is all about making you the best version of yourself. It is also about taking care of yourself. Get to know some natural and easy ways in which you can nurture your body and soul. This also focuses highly on making the best out of criticism, how to fight depression and how to start relishing yourself. Start praising all your accomplishments, and initiate having the mental peace. You should leave all the negativity behind and rise above it.


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You can get various ideas from the articles. Get nice and unique plans to put a smile on your significant other or your loved ones. The innovative intention would definitely win their hearts and they will appreciate you doing it for them. The ideas can be from Valentine’s gifts, to door gifts for parties or arranging a special day. You can also get to know about some fun activity you may surprise your loved one with for their birthday or anniversary. Read about different ideas to even propose your partner. Rooftop, bedroom or a picnic, you can read all about it. It is not about how much you spend, it is more about how much you thought of making that person smile.


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Information Technology helps us in our daily lives in most ways. We depend on IT a lot to help us in any simple task. Surely, this has made life better in most ways. But, this also has some cons like not socializing with family and being on our phones. This category would tell you how IT has materialized our ideas. You will read about some “unicorns” and “decacorns” and how their business is flourishing. There will also be intense and controversial topics regarding robots. About everything, there is both good and bad sides. Digitalization has done a lot of good to us, but read to know more ideas. Find out how else can it improve our lives,and how we can use the artificial intelligence for good purposes.


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We need to travel somewhere to relax during our holidays. Travelling helps us to escape the hustle and bustle of our lives. It brings out joy and lets us escape our boredom. This category would give you some nice travel destinations. Not only that, it will also give a full guide on what to do, what not to etc. Recreation is a necessity in human lives. It feels great to plan, pack and go somewhere peaceful for a change. Be it a city, or an island, it has the same effect on refreshing the body and soul. It is wonderful to try out thrilling activities like hiking, ATV etc. Read the articles and plan your next getaway.