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Basic Health Maintenance I do (Natural and Organic)

Take care of your body because that is the only place you actually have to live in. This will be a short blog about how to use simple products to take care of your appearance. The ways are completely natural and it will enhance your natural beauty. Follow these measures of basic health maintenance if you are struggling to find time to take care of yourself. Ladies, make some time.


Two simple ways to groom your lashes. You can use these simple ways to increase your lashes length and make them appear denser. You will start to see the results in three weeks.

  1. Use a cotton bud and dip it in a castor oil bottle. Take the cotton bud and swipe the oil on your lashes. Do it at night for three weeks.
  2. Use a cotton bud to put some petroleum jelly on your lashes. Continue this every night or so for visible results.


There are plenty of ways to take care of your hair. I am sure everyone has their own way.

  1. Put coconut oil 20 minutes before you wanna shampoo your hair. It will make your hair look shiny and would moisturize it.
  2. Put olive oil and leave it on your hair overnight.
  3. Eat eggs as it is really good for your hair. There is this sugar bear hair vitamins which are very tasty gummies. These make your hair look and feel really healthy.
  4. Put hair masks. It can be home-made or you can buy the hair mask packs. The procedures are always mentioned in the pack. Some are overnight while others have to be done right after shampooing.
  5. Trim your hair every three months. I don’t mean chop off your hair because some people may want to grow it long. I mean trim the ends.



Nails are important because if nails are not healthy, it may break. We all know how painful that is.

  1. Do a manicure every month or so. You can do it at home or go to any nail parlor. But it is really important to shape your nails. If you go to do your manicure somewhere, the manicurist puts some serum in the starting of the nail areas (the part where the nail starts to appear from the skin). That really helps to make your fingers look really healthy.
  2. Put petroleum jelly around the area where nail grows from. It prevents the skin from peeling off from those areas.
  3. If you are not putting gel nail polish, then remove your nail polish every 15 days. Otherwise, it stains the nails and gives it a rather distasteful look.


Getting kissable lips is a really easy task.

  1. Buy a lip scrub. You can get of several flavors. It is helpful as it flakes off the dry skin from the lips.
  2. Do remove your lipstick properly before you sleep. It harms the skin.
  3. Mac’s Prep+Prime Lip is a life-saver when it comes to applying lipstick as it does not make the lips look flaky or cracked.
  4. Put petroleum jelly before you sleep or after you shower.


Everyone wants soft hands right? It is really needed to take care of your hands. Hands are the most used parts of your body. If you work a lot or wash dishes, it has a chance of getting dried up.

  1. Use a good hand cream. It would help maintain the moisture of your skin. Use it as soon as you feel your hands are dry other than regular usage of it after shower.
  2. Buy a hand pack or make a homemade one with milk and turmeric. Put it twice every week.


Women really want baby feet. The soft touch can be really acquired by taking care of it.

  1. If you use your feet a lot, get a feet spa. Or put a tub of warm water, put some pumice stone in it. Put a foot bomb in it or some salt. Soak your feet every three weeks for the best result.
  2. Use feet cream. It is really needed to be concerned about the moisture. If your feet is dry, the skin will crack. It will be painful so it is best to avoid it.
  3. If you wear heels, calluses may form. Use the Scholl cream with the callus remover. It may tickle or hurt a bit but it feels softer afterwards. Honestly, the cream does not smell great but does the job.
  4. Do get a pedicure or do your pedicure, whichever you prefer. Shape your nails and put petroleum jelly on the nail base.


Now, this part is more general but you all know that the overall skin should look healthy too.

  1. Treat your body to a nice spa session. Also, buy bath salts or body scrubs. Use it every other day to take care of your skin. It removes the dead cells whereas moistures it. There are some bath smoothies which helps maintain moisture as it is made with milk. They really help.
  2. Surely you have to put a body cream or lotion that suits your skin the most. It would make it look healthy and sleek.
  3. You can put coconut oil for body. Victoria’s Secret sells one which has a nice fragrance. It makes the body shine.
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