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Eyelash Lift or Eyelash Extension: Which one should I do?

Nowadays, a lot of women are being influenced by the beauty standards put by the media. They are willing to change their appearance or ways to get to that standard. But first, you should know that keeping something natural is the most beautiful. You are your most beautiful self the way you are naturally. No one can ever picture themselves to be always photo perfect, with the best angle and good lighting. This article is focusing on modifying eyelashes with eyelash extension or eyelash lift and tint.

If you still want to modify your eyelashes, this article will help you to decide which one you should go for. We all know about putting fake lashes, but the modifications like lash extension or lash lift are not like that. They are about making you look picture ready even when you wake up. There are two different ways to modify your lashes, i.e. lash lift and lash extension. Surprisingly, either of them is not too expensive.

Lash Lift or Tint

Lash lift is for people who already have good growth of lashes. You can still try out lash lift even if you have small lashes. You can get a lash serum which would grow your lashes. Everyone has lashes, but as people grow older, the lash starts growing in a straight form than in a curled way. This gives the illusion that the person may not have long lashes even if he/she has. Lash lift is a process that curls the eyelashes permanently which makes the lashes appear longer. Then the tinting process is used which makes the lashes look denser. The customers decide if they want the tint or not.

How long it lasts:

Lash lift & tint is a painless procedure and completely safe considering you go to a professional place. You should visit a professional lash lift place even if it is a bit expensive. Lash lift lasts about 6-8 weeks (sometimes longer), but tint lasts around 3-4 weeks. This process makes your natural lashes look longer, and denser. There is nothing you need to do carefully since it’s your own lashes, and you can put mascara. Lash lift is a great option as it is damage free, but this process requires you to have naturally nice lashes, which would just be optimized in its looks.

Procedure in brief:

Lash lifting uses the perming technique. It takes about an hour to complete. You can choose how curled up you want your lashes to be. First, the beautician cleans your eyelids and lashes stripping off any makeup residue. After separating your upper lashes from your bottom lashes, a silicone shield would get glued to your skin. Then your lashes would be combed up using the perming lotion. The perming lotion would be surely eye-safe, and it softens the hair bond, so it can be curled. The lotion would be left for 10-12 minutes but it mostly depends on the hair type. To lock the lash shape, a setting solution is applied. For the moisture of the lash, a nourishing oil or lotion is applied. If you tint your lashes, you must be careful not to let water touch your eyes for the first 24 hours.

Lash lifting is permanent but as new hair grows, it would not be curled like your lifted lashes. So, you may need to go for the lash lift session in eight weeks or longer. Actually, it varies from person to person.

Lash Extension

How long it lasts:

Lash extension process is for people who have very short and few lashes. No one can tell that you have lash extensions on unless it is an observing girl. It is hard to notice because the process uses individual silk or mink lashes which are glued at the root of your lash line. It lasts about 3-4 weeks until they drop out. You can get a touch up and add 20-30 pieces of lashes and it may last longer than 4 weeks. The beautician would take one lash at a time with tweezers and then glue it on your lash line.

Things to note:

This process is also painless, but it harms your natural lashes. As mentioned before, the beautician then glues the lashes to your lash line which causes the natural lashes to fall off. It also obstructs the growth of the newer lashes. In some cases, the lashes become brittle and thinner than usual. Therefore, going to a professional place is mandatory because some places use cheap glue.

There is another thing to note about lash extension. You must be careful of your movements, and conscious about rubbing your eyes. You should not rub your eyes or the lash extensions you just paid so much on would fall off.  Some places suggest you to not put mascara. The process takes about an hour to complete. It is up to you which one you want to opt for, if you want too dramatic look, you should go for eyelash extensions. You can even ask for a subtle natural look if you think you can manage to take care of the extensions. But you must know you have to visit your parlor in 3-4 weeks’ time. This process is almost the same price as eyelash lift, but considering how long it lasts, eyelash extension may be more expensive as you need to do it monthly. Whichever you do, or if you do none at all, I am sure you would look beautiful.


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