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Top 5 ways to dress up for New Year’s Eve

All of us girls always start wondering about what we should be wearing some nights before the NYE. So, this year of 2017, I came up with the top 5 dress-up ideas for New Year’s Eve which you might mix and match from your wardrobe.

1. A little black dress

Every girl needs a perfect little black dress. It is up to you if you want the material of your black dress to be of vinyl, spandex, leather, silk or cotton. Just doll it up with some gold colored neck piece and hooped earrings or long ear piece and some die-for red, maroon, white or glittery heels. Take a black purse to complete your dress-up. This outfit will be perfect for a date night with someone or a clubbing night. Here, I chose a body fitting vinyl dress, and maroon boot heels with a black purse. And you are ready to take eyes off people!

little black dress for nye outfit
little black dress for nyelittle black dress for nye

2. Crop top and shorts

If you pair up a black or dark colored crop top with hot shorts, you are ready for a night-out with friends, or some fun activity with your special someone or even clubbing night. I am going to go for black laced-up back crop-top with leather shorts and grey long boots. Wear long boots or long sock with this outfit or some lace-up heels and you are good to go! Oh, don’t forget to punk it up with a choker and some hooped earrings, bracelet and a sling bag!

two piece set for nye

3.Bodysuit with denim shorts

Get a velvet bodysuit and get your denim shorts out. Wear this with or without a belt and some barely-there heels. It is up to you, if you want to wear feathery ear piece or some long earpiece. But personally, I would go for feathery earpiece in one ear with the hair combed to the opposite side and a neckpiece. Personally, I would go for velvet pink bodysuit with faded denim shorts and barely-there pink heels.  Take a funky purse to be your friend for the night. You will surely rock this dress-up for a dinner or hangout with friends.

two piece set for nye girly

4. Jumpsuit

Take one of the stylish jumpsuits to be your outfit for the night! You can put on some sexy stiletto pumps with minimal contrast with this jumpsuit. I would choose a backless navy-blue jumpsuit and purple heels. But, you must do a little hair-do. A messy bun with loose curls, or a high ponytail or hair with soft curls can be a few good options. Doll it up with a neckpiece if you have a V-neck and a cute bag and you can be on your way.

purple jumpsuit nye outfit

5. Sequin top with ripped-pants

If you have a sequin top, you know that it always steals the show. Put on a bralette crop top or a tiny inner underneath it and get in your ripped pants. You can choose your pants to be white or black. But a dark colored sequin top is definitely suggested. Choose your heels to be of high contrast like red or peach. Don’t forget to do a bit of hair-do like a messy side braid. Take a clasp to style your fingers with it as well. You can choose this outfit option for partying or just merely to watch fireworks. I would be going with a black sequin top and a black bralette crop top with black ripped pants.

black and red outfit nye

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