Local Street Food Penang Malaysia

Local Food of Penang

The sightly Penang island of Malaysia is very famous for its traditional dishes. Penang is a very civilised island with lots of perk but nothing beats the variety of food. It offers special dishes, tasty fishes and delicious desserts, If you are going to Penang, make sure to try out the local delish dishes. Penang is a food haven as the all food is delicious as well as cheap. Gurney Drive is a good place to indulge in all the various dishes. It is an open area with stalls and sitting area under the sky. You should carry an umbrella with you as it rains a lot in Malaysia, and you may find yourself huddling under a stall. You can try all the local dishes in there in very cheap prices. Hop from one stall to another and satisfy your taste buds. This article will cover some of the very well-known dishes of Penang.

Asam Laksa- one of the most popular food options of Penang

When we talk about Penang, the first thing that comes to our minds is laksa. Laksa is a form of rice noodle that has a tangy flavorful broth. This dish is actually of Chinese origin. The laksa comes in a bowl with fish balls on top, a mackerel and shrimps. The tamarind with chilli and shrimp paste completes the Asam laksa flavor.  They also add pork so if you want it halal, mention it to the hawker. The soup is quite sour and a bit spicy, but it tastes really good with a cup of Teh-O-ice.You can try to get the best laksa in “Pasar Air Itam Laksa” which is located near Kek Lok Si Temple. They had been serving Laksa since 1995 and it only costs around RM5.

Asam Laksa Penang Local Street Food

Asam Laksa

Cendol– one of the most popular food options of Penang

Cendol is one of the tastiest dishes in Penang. Even though, I have to admit that I could not finish my plate. The dessert is made of shaved ice, with palm sugar syrup and coconut milk. As you start eating the cold dessert, it starts to melt and it tastes heavenly with the creamy milk. The green jelly-like noodles and the beans combine the sweet and cold taste of cendol. The pandan leaves gives a nice smell to this dish.

Cendol Penang Local Street Food


Banana Pancake

I tried the banana pancakes at Gurney Drive. A banner on a stall caught my attention that said 3 for RM5. The pancakes were small, and it was more like a crepe with bananas. They are too flavorsome, so do not be amazed if you catch yourself ordering again.


Gurney Drive is a haven for all sorts of satay. The satays are not at the entrance of the Gurney Drive, so you have to walk a bit. If you want halal satays, you have to ask the hawker. The stalls have pork satays, seafood satays and what not! There is a stall with Malay people doing satays, it is halal and one of the best satays I have tasted so far. Dip the satays in peanut sauce while enjoying the night at Gurney Drive.

Mango Dessert

You can get the mango dessert in one of the stalls at the entrance of Gurney Drive, The dish was basically shaved ice with some ice cream. The ice cream was topped with some mango syrup. The bowl also had some mango jelly and pudding along with some freshly-cut mangoes.

Seafood Noodles

A spicy dish which includes noodles and a tangy broth. The soup is really tasty but zesty. The bowl was quite appetizing with shrimps, fishballs and calamari in it. The noodles really filled me up even though I wanted more of the seafood.

Mango Dessert & Seafood Noodles Street food Penang
Mango Dessert & Seafood Noodles.
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