Want to spend valentines at home ideas

Ideas to spend Valentine's in the room

As we know Valentines is just a few days away. But, are you prepared for it? A lot of restaurants raise their prices so high on this day. Sometimes you only have to get the set meal or a pre-decided meal from one of the restaurants. Why is their price so high? I am guessing because they put in some decoration. If you are already gifting your babe, it becomes quite tricky to take him or her out on this day when the price of so many things are skyrocketing. Mostly, if you are having not so high of an income or if you are a student. I am here to give you some fun ideas to spend your Valentine's indoors with your loved ones. Spending Valentines indoors brings out love and takes out all the unnecessary expenditure.

1. Netflix & Chill

This is personally my favorite. I mean, who doesn’t like Netflix and chill right? You can watch a movie marathon of your favorite series. Be it, Harry Potter, Resident Evil, Grudge or Maze Runner, am sure anyone would love to watch the favorite series with their beloved. You can also choose two or three romantic movies to watch. Make the room have a cozy feeling with fairy lights turned on and decorate it. Place candle holders around the room, and burn some sweet smelling candles. Humidifier works as well to make the room smell nice. Order in a pizza, because Netflix and chill cannot be completed without a pizza.

2. Candlelight dinner

Two of you can cook a specific cuisine together. Cooking together always strengthens the bond. You might come up with a delicious dish or the food might get burnt. Either way, it is an amazing experience where you learn together and get over your hardships. Most importantly, don’t forget to have a plan B in case your cooking does not go well. It is up to you if you want to cook or get a takeaway. Lay out a nice dining area. You can easily make do with your study table if you don’t have any other. You just need to place a tablecloth on it. Put a candelabra as a centerpiece and make it look posh. You can use tealight candles and put it around the room. Take some fake rose petals and just drop it around for a romantic feeling. Use your creativity to make your room look dreamy and invite your partner after getting ready.

3. Spa

If you have a bathtub, you should absolutely go for this sensual idea. You can line the tealight candles from the entrance of the room to the en suite bathroom. Keep your room dim. In the washroom you can take large candle holders and place it around. Put some electric candles in the corner of the bathtub. You can even line it if you wish. Electric candles are safer to use as you minimize the risk of touching actual fire. Use the fake rose petals and drop it in the bathroom floor. I would suggest to get some real nice smelling flowers that you can tear and put the petals in the bathtub a bit before using it. Get a pair of wine glasses and a wine bottle and put it nearby. You can even get a small side glass table to put a vase of flowers and some macaroons. Massage each other if you want to with fragrant oil. Needless to mention, you need to keep some fresh towels in the racks. Your Valentines would absolutely love this surprise and would cherish this memory.

4. Baking

Baking together can be entertaining. You can bake after your main course or even after your candlelight dinner. Choose to bake a small cake or even cupcakes. Red velvet cupcakes are so tasty and it also matches the red theme. Baking something simple and small can be easy as long as you don’t want to get too sophisticated unless you have the skills for it. I personally don’t so I would rather go for something simple but tasty. This can be quite fun to do with your partner as you might end up with something bitter or you might end up with something yummy. It will be a nice memory to look back to!

5. Painting

If you two are creative people, this should be the top idea on your list. Two of you together can create a painting that would be there in your room as a masterpiece decoration. There will be a lot of flow of love and positive emotions. You can even just play with colors, and a good painting might come out of it. Moreover, this is an aesthetic form of spending time with your partner which makes you two connect spiritually.

In the end, it all comes down to a memory that we would want to remember and smile. Make sure to dress up nicely. I have an article regarding outfits for Valentine's and also surprise ideas.

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