Top 25 Christmas Gifts

Top 25 Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones

Christmas is right around the corner. By this time, you probably are wondering what you should be gifting your loved ones. Fret not, we came up with this article thinking about various gifts that might light up our friends’ and families’ faces. Here are a number of suggestions that you can consider about giving out as presents. 


Calendar is a very useful gift for Christmas as the new year will be starting soon. Your friends or family would definitely like a calendar with cute pictures and sassy remarks. 


2.Novelty Mugs

Novelty Mugs have always been one of the cutest gift options. You can choose a novelty mug of a character like “Darth Vader” or “Harry Potter”. You can also choose something general like a Unicorn mug. If the person you are gifting is a big football fan, you can present him/her something of his/hers favorite football club.

santa novelty mug


There are plenty of cute notebooks being sold nowadays. Some notebooks have funny things written on their cover page, whereas some are more motivational. It is a very thoughtful gift as everyone has always a use for notebook. Add a nice pen with it for making it more presentable or you can just buy the sets. 

notebook diary gift


Diaries is a very personal gift and one of the most likeable ones. You can choose a diary with a sequin cover or leather cover, whichever suits your loved ones taste. You can buy a set with pens and/or candles and add a small gift tag.


 A personalised little bauble to hang on the christmas tree is always a good choice. Everyone likes baubles! You can write “Merry Christmas!” or“You are the best!” or anything you want on it. Just remember to keep it short and simple because baubles are not so big, and choose a heart-warming color. Red, golden and blue bauble is a common option but you can also go for some fancy colors. 

bauble gift christmas

6.Mermaid Brush set

If whoever you are gifting is into makeup, this choice would put a smile on her face. Girls and guys who love makeup know they can never have enough brushes. We are certainly not complaining if we get a sparkling mermaid brush set as a gift for our Christmas

7.Makeup Set

This gift idea also applies to those recipients who like makeup. There is always a good deal at “Sephora” or “Benefit Cosmetics” etc. and they have pretty looking makeup case or box. If you already know what she wanted to buy from before, you can simply be her secret Santa!

8.Wine/ Whiskey /Shot Glasses

Wine glasses have always looked petite and pretty. A wine glass set can be a very presentable gift to your family, friends or even office colleagues. There are the wine sippers that are mainly for red wine. These wine sippers have an innovative design and can also serve as a great gift just like whiskey glasses. 

We would suggest shot glasses as a gift for friends, siblings or cousins. You can add a party game with it and would be a very fun gift. 

wine glass gift idea


I think a lot of us loves books. If who you are gifting is into books, this is a good choice for a Christmas gift. But, it is better if you know what she/he was planning or wanting to buy. Before you buy, just try to find out if the person already has the book you are planning to get. 

10.Personalised Chocolates

Personalised chocolates is a sweet gift and also serve good as sock fillers. Toblerone and Kitkat have charming boxes where you can also write a message you want. Most of us love chocolate and we feel happy eating chocolates!

personalized chocolate gift


Giving cards for Christmas or any other occasion is never out of fashion. If you are a creative person, you can try to make your own card and fill it up with touching message. You can also choose a card from “Typo” or any other good stationary shops that has a nice look and/or funny title. Write a lovely message and seal it up!

christmas cards

12.Harry Potter Color Change Glass

Harry Potter never gets old. Now, there is a rage because of the newly released “Fantastic Beasts” movie. There are some shops that are selling mugs with the “Marauders Map” that changes color when there is heat. There are more creative designs which you might look at. 

13.Jewellery Holder

Some accessories holder come in elegant shapes while some come in mannequin shapes. Jewellery holder is a very nice addition to the vanity table. Elegant shaped accessories holder comes in egg shape with dainty decor, some comes as a unicorn accessories plate and some as starfish. There are a number of options that you can look at if you are considering giving an accessories holder. 

14.Prosecco Pong Party Games

Pong party games is an useful and entertaining gift. We all look for some amusing games while chilling. Trust me, Prosecco pong is vital for parties. The set comes with 12 wide champagne glasses and 3 ping pong balls. 

15.Neon Lamps

Neon lamps serve as lovely room decorations. These lamps can come as a desktop decor or a wall decor. There are customizable neon lamps where you can put in a word you like. Or you can look for a lamp that resembles a heart, a star or cloud or says “love”. A rainbow or a unicorn neon desk lamp is pretty nice gift idea too.


You can get cushions or cushion covers as a gift. Sequin cushion is all the rage right now. A cushion cover saying the initials of the person is a sweet gift too. There are also cushions that has some sassy remarks like “Dance all day” or “Lash it!”. 

17.iMusic Pillow

This gift would be very helpful to the people who have problems falling asleep. This comfy pillow comes in with a place where you can plug in your USB and listen to the music while you try to sleep.


Terrariums are beautiful jars containing plants that can be a gift for almost any occasion. You can choose the figurines you want to put in the terrarium to portray the jar as a forest, garden or a lake house. The prices of them vary according to the design.


Small succulent plants always steal the hearts. Get a potted succulent plant with a miniature Santa Claus as a pot decoration. You can also go for other cute miniatures like a small Christmas tree or figurines.  

succulents christmas gifts

20.Pineapple LED light

A pineapple has a crown just like everyone has their invisible crown. This gift has an empowering message and shows positivity. The LED lights look lovely as a desktop decoration. 

21.Hogwarts Savings Bank

Hogwarts Savings Bank is a gracious gift for all the “Harry Potter” fans out there. This is a bank that looks like Hogwarts and has a space to insert coins or cash and you can take out the cash later. It is a gift that would make your friend or family delighted.

22.Clip Light

An LED clip light is a perfect gift for all the bookworms. These lights can come in shape of a small lamp or a peg. This is excellent if you want to read books before you want to sleep or during travelling. You simply have to clip it onto the page you are reading. 

clip light christmas gifts


Gingerbread with the Santa Claus decoration has always spread the vibes of Christmas. Needless to say, baked gingerbread or cakes or macaroons is always welcome at anyone’s door during Christmas.


24.Snow Globe

Snow globe is a fascinating Christmas gift idea with the tiny miniatures and snowflakes. It is fun to shake it and see the snowflakes!

snow globe christmas gifts

25.Harry Potter House Pins

A box filled with the “Harry Potter” house pins can serve as a collectible and one of the many great Christmas gift ideas for the Potterheads. A wooden box with a glass top to showcase the pins can also be placed as a decoration.

harry potter house pins

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Hope you all enjoy it with your loved ones.

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