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Valentine’s gift/surprise ideas for her

As Valentine’s is approaching, almost all of us started planning to surprise our loved ones, or crushes. This post will give you some ideas to put a smile on your loved ones on Valentine’s day. If you are a guy who wants to make it super special, or if you are a guy who needs to be economical, no worries, we got you covered. It is important to not forget about showing love to your significant others. If you do it right, your partner will remember the day as one of her fondest memories. Keep on reading till the end and I will give you some names of shops or services that will make your life just so much easier! 

Super Special Valentine’s Ideas

If you are a guy who wants to go all the way to give your significant other a very special Valentines to remember, the following ideas are for you. Consider hiring someone for the following ideas or try doing it on your own. If you hire someone, it will be much easier for you. There are some nice place decoration services who work within budget and customize the room’s theme the way you want.  I have always hired someone to plan my candlelight dinners. But you must keep on reading if you want some gift ideas on the side. I will share photos just for reference.

#1 Romantic room decoration with rose petals:

If you do it on your own, you will have to light the candles a bit before you make your precious walk in. The whole room can have a romantic feeling with tealight candles and those very nice candle holders. On the bed, you can put chocolates, a rose bouquet
and gifts scattered in a nice way. A card makes a person feel really special, so I would say get any card, and write your feelings in it.

Bedroom Decoration Valentines Surprise
Bedroom decoration

#2 Romantic bubble bath:

Its somewhat like the previous idea, and you can even add it if you can afford it obviously. Decorate the bathtub with rose petals and tealight candles. Keep a Grape drink or Champagne beside. Don’t forget a bouquet of stalks of soap roses and baby breath
with some nice smelling bath oils. This couple bath idea will make your Valentine very sensual. You can complete it by putting a nice smelling body scrub and a pretty looking bath bomb in hands reach.

romantic bubble bath valentines
by @pinkcandy_creation (Instagram)

#3 Valentine’s candlelight dinner in a restaurant:

There are always some amazing restaurants for candlelight dinners. Hiring a service will come in handy if you plan it in a restaurant. The table and the floor will have rose petals in a haphazard yet romantic way. The tealight candles can line up the
table’s side. Some will be on the floor surrounding the table. Two or more large candles on the table, and you are good to go. Let the waiter get a small cake or few cupcakes or fruit platter stating a cute message.

Candlelight dinner by @pinkcandy_creation (Instagram)

#4 Valentine’s Spa

A spa seems a nice idea for only both of you and you can ask the spa to arrange the room the way you want. Spa is romantic by itself. Some spas provide manicures and pedicures for your girl along with some drinks and snacks. Get some massages and relax
on this day with your valentine by your side.

Candlelit dinner romantic valentines
Romantic spa by @pinkcandy_creation (Instagram)

#5 Romantic rooftop dinner:

Arrangement of a romantic candlelight dinner on the rooftop is also a brilliant idea. Take a small round table and drape it with a cloth. Light up the walkway with tealight candles on the sideways and rose petals. Light the candles and let your princess
walk in to get surprised with your gifts and the whole setup. Arrange romantic music on the background which is quite easy to do. Seeing this effort is going to fill her up with emotions. Enjoy your dinner with a good view and breeze.

Economical Valentine’s Gifts

Consequently, if you are a guy who is having to be on a budget but still want to express love, here are your options.

#1 Shower Luxury Sets:

There are plenty of shops out there who will let you get customized gift sets. You can get a mix of shower luxury e.g. A concrete coaster candle holder, body scrub, bath oil, a scented candle. You can add a bouquet of soap roses with or without a teddy.
However, don’t forget a card.

#2 Makeup sets:

Makeup sets are just out there in different brands of shops or Sephora. You can even get separate items instead of a whole set. If you have heard her plan on buying something she really likes, you can just go and get it. That will be easier for you or
you will find yourself in alien land if you are not so familiar with makeup. Just get an eyeshadow palette, or a lip paint according to your budget.

#3 Terrariums:

There are terrariums if your girl loves greenery and nature. They come in small, medium and large jars. Some even have shapes if you want. You can add cute miniatures to make it look even nicer.

Water Scene Terrarium JariJungle
Waterfall, water scene and a romantic couple in the Terrarium Jar from @jarijungle

#4 Spice up Cliché of Chocolates and Roses:

This is the one you all know about. Something all girls have a weak spot for. Remember the Eternal Rose in a glass jar in Beauty & the Beast? If the jar has some fairy lights in it, then Voila! You can gift her that to show your eternal love.

Beauty and Beast Valentines
Eternal Rose, Beauty & the Beast Inspired from (Instagram)

A big teddy bear with a box of Chocolates will also always work. You can also get a bouquet of roses to brighten up her day even more. There are some shops who makes a gift set consisting of a bouquet of roses, a card and a box of chocolates. They sometimes
even make customized macaroons, marshmallows and chocolate dipped strawberries. Trust me, they look and taste really good.

#Surprise box set with balloons:

What do you think about a surprise box with helium balloons? Great, right?! You can even just put some helium balloons with some pictures tied with it. Then put your gifts inside the surprise box. Your gifts can be anything you want. It can even be a
set of chocolates or some slices of cake. It can also be a bag or a pair of shoes. No matter, how many shoes she has, she will always love it. If you want to do some customized cupcake set, there are shops who do that. Trust me, some are too tasty and
too good to look at.

helium balloon room surprise valentines
Helium balloons from @pinkcandy_creation (Instagram)

Names of some shops for proper Valentine’s gifts

Moreover, if you are living in Malaysia, I will be giving you some names of shops and services as a suggestion or an idea. You can have a look at it. These are some of the shops I have shopped from, and I love their creativity and products.

Valentine’s shower luxury/pampering set:

EJL Candle Bar, Bentuk Bentuk and Buih & Co are having a customised set of a scented candle, hexagonal coaster concrete  décor, a body scrub and a greetings card. Bentuk Bentuk lets you put the name of the person on it. Buih makes the natural nice-smelling body scrub “Peach Please” from Himalayan salt and Peach. You can either choose “Sirap Bandung” or “Peach Please”. EJL Candle Bar gives you a scented candle called “French Riviera”.  They also have a set for guys however since this article is about girls, I would not go into it. But you can check it out and order soon. 

Buih & Co’s Instagram: @buihco

EJL Candle Bar’s Instagram account: @ejlcandlebar

Bentuk Bentuk’s Instagram: @bentukbentuk.

You can add some candle melts from the shop called “Candle Nuts by Nadia”. These are small cute shaped candle melts which gives out excellent scent. This shop and Array have very nice oil burners much within your price budget. Array also sells this amazing
eternal roses in a glass jar, something like “Beauty & The Beast” with lights.

Candle Nuts by Nadia’s Instagram: @candlenutsbynadia

Buih & Co are also having a customised set with Bloom This, Nurr Candles and DIDA. This set consists of box containing flowers, a body scrub, a scented candle called “Blush”, a lipstick and shadow.

Buih & Co’s Instagram: @buihco

Bloom This’ Instagram: @bloomthis

Nurr Candle Instagram: @nurrcandles.

Spa gift set Buih
Buih gift set from @buihco (Instagram)

Decoration Services:

Pink Candy Creations are a decoration service. They arrange candlelight dinner, parties, picnic parties, birthdays, room decoration, bath tub deco, and such and such. Their work is of art and their romantic theme would light up anyone’s day. Whatsapp
to contact them.

Whatsapp: +60143405462

Instagram account: @pinkcandy_creation.


Jarijungle & Home By Nature provides terrariums that are lovely to look at. They come in various sizes and shapes. You can even add miniatures and water fall or water scenes. In addition to that, they also give you private workshop and you can join
for affordable price if that cheers your partner up.

 JariJungle’s Instagram: @jarijungle

Home by Nature’s Instagram: @homebynature

Customized cupcakes:

Madylon Cupcakes lets you make your own customized cupcakes. You can tell them what you want, and they will surprise you with their creativity. Therefore, it is definitely going to make your significant other happy on Valentine’s because of the thoughts you put in the
cupcakes. You can place your order through Whatsapp.

Whatsapp : +60182851951

Instagram account: @madyloncupcakes

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