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Few beauty tips to look your best in your trip

This is a small and fun-guide to plan your perfect getaway. Here are some of the things that you can do for yourself before your summer vacation or any vacation. Few beauty tips are mentioned that you can use if you want to. Look drop-dead gorgeous for your trip!

Get yourself a haircut

It is necessary for you to trim your ends every few months. Needless to say, it is very important to do so before your vacation. By trimming your roots, you get to get rid of those split ends. Plus, your hair will look healthy and glossy.

Dye those gorgeous locks

Dying your hair is completely up to you. If you want to go for a change, there is no time better than before your vacation where you can take some nice pictures of yourself. If you want to go for some funky colors, or just do a touch-up, book an appointment with your stylist before your trip. If you are going for an island trip, try to do your hair at least 10 days before so there is time for the color to settle in.

Go for shopping

This is my favorite part! Actually, shopping is important in getting the right sort of clothes for your vacation. If you are planning to go for an island, you need to start browsing swimwear online or in shops. Get a fancy but cozy jacket in case you are going to a cold region. Don’t forget to get a comfy pair of slippers because you don’t want any cramp when you are having fun exploring.

Enjoy a nice rejuvenating facial

A facial is important in making your skin glow. It also removes the impurities that may clog your skin. You definitely want your skin to look flawless during your trip. There are various forms of facial, like fruit facial, collagen booster or gold facial. Choose the facial that you want and enjoy your flawless skin.

Get lash tint or extensions

Everyone has beautiful eyes, and no one really needs to do any tint or extensions. But if you want some dramatic effect, book an appointment with a lash parlor for eyelash extension or eyelash lift & tint. If you want to get a flawless “I woke up like this” look, these are great options. I have a blog about eyelash-lift and extension, you can read it to know which one you might prefer.

Here is the link:

Get a spray-tan

This is for people who loves tanning. I love getting tanned. If you want to get a glowy tan, you can set up an appointment. Or, you can buy a good tanning lotion or mousse. I generally use “Loving Tan”. It gives me the perfect bronzy color that I want.

Get a mani-pedi session

Don’t you want your kitty claws to look perfect? I am sure you do. You can get a mani-pedi session by booking an appointment at a nail salon or you can do it yourself. The important thing here is to do your manicure and pedicure maximum a week before your vacation. You should do in a short gap, so your nail polish does not start wearing off by the time of your trip.

Plan your packing

Now, this is one of the tedious parts. Make a list of the things you need to pack such as sunblock-cream or lotion. Tick it off once you are packing it in your luggage. In this way, you would not forget what you need. Because we don’t want surprises after we reach right?

Do a clay mask on the day of travelling

On the day of your travelling, you can put a clay mask. The mask would give you a nice feel of your face and your skin would look healthy. I generally do it on the day of travelling so my face is ready for the trip. It also puts a balance on your skin so there would not be any breakout during the vacation.

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