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How organizing & rewards help in achieving your goals

There is a wise saying “Plan ahead”. Planning beforehand is a crucial part of your journey to completion in whichever task you want to complete. It makes you motivated as well as organised.

It is known that people work better in an organized environment such as room or office than in a messy one. Still, it may differ from person to person but if your room or workplace is clean and organised, you would feel like working.

Organizing is a positive activity in general. You apply the same activity in achieving real-life goals. If you set a goal, you would work towards it. After you manage to complete it, there would be a feeling of success in your mind.

Feeling of success is important in regards of productivity. Your rate of productivity increases with your completion of tasks. Here comes the part about reward system.

Would you not feel good if you got a reward each time you completed your tasks? You definitely would feel good. Reward system is the part of brain which is responsible for reward-related recognition and in turn gives positive emotions.

The rewards can be anything. After every little task completion, allow yourself to enjoy a fruit drink or a small break. After managing to complete a bigger challenge, go out for a day or buy “that” thing that you wanted to buy. This would help you keep yourself motivated and you will see how much you prosper.

Now, it is time to discuss about daily, weekly, monthly goals. These various sorts of to-do lists would help you be on track of your progress and achievements. If you know your goals for a month, you can arrange your weekly goals in a way that you can achieve your month’s target. By looking at your weekly goals, arrange your daily to-do lists in a proper way.

These goals can be anything, starting from building muscles to completing a project. For any achievement you want to acquire, you can organize your tasks and make sure you achieve it. Give yourself tiny treats for your achievements, and you will work that much harder to get your next task done.

Organizing your to-do lists would help you in managing your time and maximizing your productivity. If you know what you need to complete before you sleep every night, you would work for it, instead of wasting the whole day working aimlessly. Remember that the trick is not how much work you are doing, but how much you are progressing. Organizing would help you progress.

We all have our own goals that we want to achieve. Hope this article would help you to understand the importance of organizing and rewards. Remind yourself that all work, and no play is unhealthy, so make sure to enjoy your weekends or at least one day in a week.

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