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Top 5 ways to start your morning

This article would suggest the top 5 ways to start a morning that would make you feel productive, positive and motivate. Because, I know it feels so hard to get off the bed and start the day motivated. Do you ever feel tired about all those toxic people out there whose main mission in life is to bring down other people? They always have to put their opinions in places where they do not belong, or you never asked for it. They will mention something negative about you. Negative things about your bag, shoes, makeup, outfit, hair and the list goes on. But, they seem to keep on coming at you anyways.


1. Take some time

When you hear your alarm, do not rush. Turn it off and get up slowly and try not to be on your phone or scroll down your social media.  Morning walk or jogging helps but it is quite hard to follow through for the amount of work that starts coming at us from the moment we wake up. If you can follow through your morning exercise, its great! A morning shower helps you to wake up and rejuvenate.

So, unless it is too much of trouble, I would suggest taking a lukewarm bath. Look out your window, and go to your potted plants if you have a little garden in the balcony or the room. Check on your plants to see if they are okay. When you care for something, it makes you feel better. A lot of the successful people out there gives some time to themselves in the morning.

2. Make yourself a drink

While you are still in your bath robes, go pick up some fruits to make a fruit smoothie. Or, put some coffee in the machine. It does not matter if you are planning to drink lime juice, or have fruit smoothie, tea or coffee. How you are having your morning drink matters.  And, do not forget to eat something with your caffeine drinks if you are having one. You do not want to have a gassy stomach from the morning. Have something healthy for breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. Have a bowl of cereals or oatmeal with some fruits sliced with it. Now, place your breakfast where you can sit and enjoy your meal like the king or queen you are.

3. Read something inspirational

Check your emails or notifications while you are enjoying your drink. Text one of your closest family members and wish them morning. You might have made their day by doing so, and most of the times good deeds come back to you. Read your favourite magazine but also, read some of the inspirational quotes. There are always lots of pages out there, follow one and just check their latest updates. Or, you can have those books that bring out the best in you, like “The Power of Positive Thinking”  by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. You should feel that it will help you or it is not going to. I know there will be some people who will say to you that these are meaningless. But when you start the day by reading positive things, you will surely feel positive.

4. To-Do List

Get a pretty-looking To-Do-List. You can get them from Instagram shops or other shops. The reason I said about get a nice one is because you would feel like writing in it if it is nice and new. Also, another factor plays a part that you planned in starting your morning out with positivity and productivity and hence, you got that To-Do-List. Fill it up with your day’s goals. So, once you have accomplished them, you would feel satisfied by ticking them off.

5. Plan

Plan out your goals by dividing them in small stages. Get a mini clipboard or a notepad where you divide your work. There should be some stages to complete a work. List the process down under the main title or your work. Follow the pattern and you would be more productive as after completing every small step, you could take a short break. You would feel motivated to complete each of the steps as it would be a small task.

You would not sit down and complain or contemplate about how much work you have, instead you would look forward to completing them. Do not forget to give yourself a good break after each day, let it be a movie or 2 episodes of a TV Show or read a book. Keep that as your reward. In this way, you can obtain your day’s goal quicker and would feel productive at the day’s end.

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