Why women are going for remote jobs

Perks of freelance/ remote jobs and the reasons behind my choosing it.

The COVID pandemic made it compulsory for everybody to work from home. Some of us faced issues due to not being familiar with the concept. However, many of us also happen to like this “work from home”. Needless to say, it does not work for everybody, mainly if your work requires on-site equipment. Of course, it depends on your field; it won’t work for you if you are a doctor, or you need a lab for your experiments. Unfortunately, not all jobs can be remote. I will discuss the perks of freelance/ remote jobs and the reasons behind my choosing them.

Perks of doing freelance/remote jobs

You can get your work done from your home, your own comfortable space. This is one of the best perks of freelance/remote jobs. There is no need to wake up so early to beat traffic, and sometimes end up being late anyway. Did I mention comfortable clothes? Some people definitely perform better if they are wearing loungewear instead of uncomfortable formal attire. In their own homes, they can sit however they want, pace, eat whenever, and also have their loved ones around. Children get to see their parents more and be around them.

On top of it, you can skip all of that sexual harassment since you are getting your job done and showing everything online. Of course, it can still happen, but chances are minimized. There is no bullying that can happen from a certain gang at your workplace because you are working from home. Productivity increases as there is no gossiping and a fifth coffee trip with your colleagues. The bonus of a remote job is you don’t have to worry about a visa! There won’t be any exploitation and you don’t have to overwork to keep your visa.

Getting most work done for the “work from home” concept

As long as you are meeting your deadlines, and submitting your work properly, this should be Thanksgiving on a plate for you. But for that, you need to be managing your own self. Create a To-Do list, and take a small break once you accomplish each task. Have a routine, and break down your work into steps. If you need to have a feel of the workspace, get a desk and fix it in a minimalist way so you don’t lose focus while working. Use the Pomodoro Technique where every 25 minutes you take a 5-minute break.

Trust me, if your field allows you to work from home, this should be great for you. In many ways, you can maximize your productivity. Let’s not forget that our furry friends make us happier when they are around us and make us work better. Probably you will not choose this option if you are escaping your marriage or family and want to be away from them. Or if you are one of those people who procrastinate and cannot function without following the routine of going to the office. However, I will always choose this option, and I will explain my personal reasons.

Why do I want to get a remote job/ freelance?

Well, I actually have two baby daughters. Growing up, I did not get much of my parents. My mother is a doctor, a gynecologist, and I did not get her around much. Daughters miss their mother a lot, at least I did. I want to be there for my babies, and do it all myself. Time flies, you know, and soon they will not need me as much as they do now. That time, for sure I can work in an office. But, that does not mean I should wait around and not earn. In this while, if I do not work, I will become rusty. Plus, with my field, I always need to keep learning.

Being financially independent is very important to me, mainly because I became a mother. If I don’t earn and be financially independent, how will I be a good role model for my daughters and leave if the situation gets ugly? The most amazing thing about it is being free and being able to do what you want and not face an identity crisis. 

Getting a remote job lets me be around them, while I work. The same goes for freelancing. I perform my best because I see them around, and can be there for them in case they need me. Nothing beats the comfort of your own workspace. With my field specifically, I really don’t need to show up in an office or visit certain sites to handle my work. That is why I chose Software Engineering and Computer Science as my major. I can do it in my own place in comfy clothes and hand over my work on time; blessed to not have the habit of procrastinating. Depending on what type of work I get, in terms of a contract-based job, I always update my clients bi-weekly in an online meeting and respond to their queries as much as they need me to.

Do whichever works for you. Especially, do which maximizes your productivity because people get depressed if they are not productive. I have explained my reasons behind me always going for remote jobs or freelancing. There is nothing in the world I want more than to spend more time around my babies. I want to see it all, their first laughter, their first step, and also I will hand over my work on time to you. Have been doing this, and at times it gets difficult, but it is worth it in every bit. 

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