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Activities to do in Krabi Island

To follow up on my previous post on Things you need to know before going to Krabi Island, I have made together a list of touristic activities in Krabi island that are recommended and a list of things you should avoid doing or take care of.


Long Boats Krabi Island Hopping Thailand
Longboats by the beach

Signing up for activities:

Its OK if you want to sign up for island hopping with your hotel. But if you are concerned about your budget, walk to those areas of the shops beside the beach. You will see a lot of agency offices who provide good rates. You can walk around and compare the prices.

Island Tour:

Phi Phi Islands Krabi Island Hopping Thailand
Phi Phi Islands

You should sign up for the Island Hopping. You would be paying THB 300 for tourism each day in the sea, it is sort of a tax. The shuttle service from the office would come and pick you up at 8am or 9 am and they will also provide you with lunch. There are two island hopping types:

  1. The smaller trip: Hong Islands, this consists of Hong Island, Hong Lagoon, Lading Island and Pakbai Island.
  2. The bigger trip: This consists of Phi Phi Lay Island, Lohsama Bay, Pileh Bay, Monkey Bay, Tonsai Bay, Pooda Island, Bamboo Island, James Bond Island, Panyee Island and Maya bay.
Chicken Island Krabi Thailand
Chicken Island

Hot Spring Waterfall & Emerald Pool:

This one would send the shuttle at 8 am as the services close by 1 pm-3pm. Here you can relax in the 38°C – 42°C hot stream. Moreover, Emerald pool is a short drive from the hot springs. The pool has crystal clear emerald water and hence, the name. You would walk 1km in the rainforest and you would see the nature of Thailand. Then you would be able to relax in the pool until they want to take you back to your hotels.

Emerald pool Krabi Thailand

Emerald Pool

Elephant Ride:

From the same offices, you can sign up for Elephant Trekking. They take you to the rainforest and you get to enjoy the feels of the jungle.

Tiger Cave Temple & Night market:

The agency will send the shuttle to pick you up at 2pm and will transfer you back to your lodges at 9pm. It is a very beautiful Buddhist Temple and you have to climb up 1237 steps to get to the summit of the Temple. It is well known for the tiger paw prints in the temple. The Buddhist statues are quite a sight if you are into that sort of stuffs. At the top, there is a very large Golden Buddha, and you would want to take a photo with it for a memoir. Then you would be taken from the temple to the night market which is not far away. Make sure to wear shoes that day and carry water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.



  1. Do not just believe the guide when he says it is OK to go for island hopping. I was out in the sea when Typhoon Doksuri hit Thailand and I happened to be in the danger zone. Check the weather forecast before you go out to the sea. Life is more important than some cash.
  2. Avoid going for elephant trekking if the weather has heavy rain or is stormy.

In the end, if you are going for an island trip, its always important to enjoy. Hope you have fun doing these activities in Krabi island.

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