Best Beaches Must Visits in Egypt

Best Beaches in Egypt

Most of us have heard about the famous pyramids of Egypt, one of the seven wonders in the world. Other than that, there are various places to explore in that country, both natural and historical. If you are looking for a place to travel to for your next vacation, you can consider Egypt as one of your choices. There is the capital city Cairo that never sleeps, a beautiful tropical beauty Hurghada, the temple city of Abu Simble and many more. Not to forget, this country has River Nile, the longest river in the world. This article will provide you with the best beaches in Egypt and a means of reaching there. The places mentioned in this article are Hurghada, Sharm-el-Sheikh, Dahab and El-Gouna.


A small fishing village Hurghada has now become the leading coastal resorts in the Red Sea. Hurghada boasts some of the best beaches in Egypt, and with its own airport, it has made it very convenient for the tourists to directly land there. The pleasing warm weather (30 C) all year-round has made a lot of Europeans choose Hurghada as their holiday spot mainly during the winter season.

Water Activities

Along with breathtaking landscapes, clear turquoise waters and stunning coral reefs, Hurghada is one of the best tourist spots in Egypt. The dry weather all-year round makes this place perfect for water activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, snorkelling and much more. Moreover, Hurghada has one of the best diving spots. You can easily buy a package deal at your hotel. After an adventurous day, you can enjoy your dinner with a drink of your choice in the breezy weather by the beach. On the plus side, the nightlife in this area is great for vacations.

Giftun Islands

You can visit the spectacular Giftun Islands with white sandy beaches or the Eastern Arabian Desert. Both these places are within a small reach and are a must-visit if you are already in Hurghada. You can take a cab to visit the old quarters of Hurghada called El- Dahar. A place called “Mini Egypt” has all the replicas famous attractions of Egypt and you can go around in a paddle boat enjoying your afternoon. Or, you can go for a desert safari ride to visit the Bedouin camps.

Hurghada Marina

Hurghada Egypt

Swimming with dolphins after watching a choreographed show is a must. There is a place called “Hurghada Marina” where you can have a peaceful evening walk and enjoy your cocktails. There are lots of restaurants, pubs and shops in Hurghada Marina. If you are more into history, there are some museums with historical artifacts that you might want to look into.


Sharm-el-Sheikh, also known as the “Pearl of the Red Sea” is one of the best tourist destinations in Egypt and has some of the best beaches in Egypt. It resides between the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea. This resort town also has its own airport which is quite convenient for the tourists. If you are from Europe, you can directly book a flight but if you are from a bit further, you can also book a flight from Cairo.

Sharm-el-Sheikh is popular for its sandy beaches with shelters and clear-blue waters. The divine coral reefs with various schools of fishes make this a major diving destination. You can view some rare species of marine life during the diving session. The calm and warm weather makes it perfect for snorkeling and chilling by the beach. You can walk along the long stretch of beach or take a nap and work on your tan. There are shelters all around the beach area for the comfort of the tourists.

Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

Naa’ma Bay

The scenery of Naa’ma Bay is exotic with the walkways lined with palm trees. As you walk by you will find a number of restaurants and bars where you can refresh yourself with a glass of fruit juice. Ras Mohammed National Park is home to 1000 species of fishes in the Red Sea. It is a heart for the diving sites as you can sometimes see hammerheads, and manta-ray fishes.

Nabq Bay

Nabq Bay, in Sharm-el-Sheikh has many classy hotels. In addition to that, it is also one of the access points for scuba diving and snorkelling sites called the Straits of Tiran, Thomas & Jackson Reefs. There is a 600 square metres of reserve for marine life and water birds which is worth visiting.


Just like Hurghada, you can enjoy a desert safari on foot, or on camels, horses or on ATV. If you are planning to go on ATV, make sure you understand how the vehicle works as you might have to go fast.  Sharm-el-Maya is a beautiful sandy beach where there are some local shops that offers Bedouin goods. You can go for a walk around the beach area and collect some souvenirs.


Dahab, the once small Bedouin fishing village is now known to be one of the prime beach destinations in the Middle East and has some of the best beaches in Egypt. It is in the northeast of Sharm-el-Sheikh and has a number of international hotel-chains. You can reach Sharm-el-Sheikh’s airport and take a cab to Dahab. Or you can take a bus from the airport to reach Dahab. Other than Sharm-el- Sheikh, if you are already in Cairo, you can get a bus from there straight to Dahab. This place is a good choice for independent travelers as well as families.

Dahab can be divided into three regions.  Masabat Bay is in the center where you can see a flood-way. The touristic areas of Masabat spans north through Eel Garden and south through Mashraba. Mashraba has a number of classy hotels and chains of restaurants. A walkway runs along the entire stretch of beach and stops in the south Lagoona. In Lagoona, you will find first-resort hotels such as Hilton and services such as hospitals. Asalah is the third region which is mostly a residential area. There are more hotels that span towards the Blue Hole.

Diving Sites

Blue Hole is Egypt’s most infamous diving site. It looks like a yawning sinkhole that drops straight down to 130m deep. There is plenty to discover at the surface and on the lips. But, only experienced divers can explore deeper depths. You can walk to the beach and swim from the shore to the Blue Hole. Experienced divers can also enter at the Bells. It is a narrow gap in the reef table which forms a pool close to the shore. You can descend through a chimney looking tunnel that opens to the sea. Eel Garden is also one of the diving spots where lots of eels carpet the sea floor. You can also spot the barracudas in the Eel Garden. You can swim from the shore and go deeper to find your marine friends. Canyon is a diving site that is a long trench where beautiful soft corals can be spotted. You can go on a boat ride to Gabr-El-Bint, and dive or snorkel there. On the land of Gabr-El-Bint you can ride camels or horses to have an afternoon sightseeing.  


El Gouna Egypt

El- Gouna means “The Lagoon” which is one of the best tourist spots because it has many of the best beaches in Egypt. It is in the state of Hurghada. You can unwind under the Sun and get your tanning on. Walk by the beaches overlooking the sparkling turquoise waters of the Red Sea. You can go for a boat ride or a desert safari on an ATV. At night, you can go to one of the many posh bars or open air-disco where you can drink and chill till late night. El- Gouna is more of a relaxing haven than adventures.

That’s it for the best beaches in Egypt, there will be another blog about other historical attractions in Egypt. Hope you liked the article. If you have been to Egypt, do let us know about your experience in the comments. Until then, feel free to read more about our other travels 

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