Aerial View of Putrajaya

Fun Weekend Activities in Putrajaya

As the stresses of work or assignments start to weigh you down, you should know that it is time to take a fun-filled break on the weekend. Maybe your budget won’t allow you for a staycation or a short trip abroad. Don’t worry, there’s always plenty of things to do right where you are in Kuala Lumpur. The places I will mention now are also great for tourists for day-out activities. Putrajaya, the new federal administrative capital has this beautiful lake that acts as a natural cooling system and hosts many beautiful parks with a variety of activities perfect for a family or friends to hang out. As a city, Putrajaya is not so busy so it brings out the weekend vibe.

Putrajaya Lake View

Lake Recreation Center, Putrajaya

Right in the heart of the city, you can enjoy activities such as fishing, kayaking, and pedaling. Kayaking and pedaling are healthy but fun activities that can boost your mood. We went around lunchtime, and it was not so busy during that period. There’s a small cafeteria overlooking the lake that serves hot nasi lemak, a national Malaysian dish. While you eat, you will see kayaks, and boats lined on the lakeshore. We chose to kayak and it was just for MYR 30 for two-persons on a kayak per hour. We got the ticket from the counter and chose the kayak. An hour was pretty great since you will get exhausted doing this activity. There were not many options for a kayak but all were in OK condition. I would say the lake is beautiful and has some islands. You do not get any guide, but before you start, a staff member would tell you how to use it and will provide you with life jackets. There are markers in the areas where you are not allowed to venture, for example, they tell you to not cross the bridge, or go to the fishing areas as you can scare off the fish. While we were kayaking, we saw a number of families fishing and had this whole picnic setup going on.

Putrajaya Wetlands Park

Putrajaya Wetlands Park is ideal for jogging with your partner on a weekend or weekday afternoon. The jogging trails are a bit of rough terrain and also accommodate cycling; the couple cycles can be a fun choice! This place is close to Lake Recreation Center, however, you can choose to fish at Wetlands Park itself if you want. While roaming around the park, you will come across the flamingo pond. Many pink flamingos waddle through the pond or chill one-legged. Other than flamingos, you will see different types of birds such as purple herons. There is also a garden shop to get yourself some plants and a camping site. Being around green nature while chatting with your people will definitely lift your mood. It can be very soon your favorite cycling spot for the weekend.

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