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Guide to Tadom Hill: A campground with fun activities

Tadom Hill resort gives you a unique experience in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. The place completely transports you to a simpler atmosphere like a village. It takes you into the culture of Orang Asli who are believed to be the original people of Malaysia. It is built around a beautiful emerald lake with the Tadom Hill in view. The resorts have various forms of accommodation that would make you pay a visit. There are bamboo chalets, cottages, open-tents and also simple tents by the lake. People choose to visit here for camping, hiking or even for a romantic venture. Moreover, you can learn about culture of Orang Asli and the way they use bamboo.


The whole resort is designed using unique bamboo structures making each into a masterpiece. The message the resort gives is loud and clear which is to use environment-friendly furniture. It is a great place for yoga retreat as you are close to a pastoral and calm nature. There is small walkway in the middle of two lakes. There is waterslide in the lake for kids and adults which you might find amusing. It is a joy to take romantic walks around the peaceful lake. The wispy white lakeside flowers with the bushes make the lake look even more alluring.


How to go there:

There is no direct mode of public transportation to go to the resort other than a car. You can use Waze or Google maps if you are going there. If you want to use public transportation, it is easy too. The resort is not far from KLIA, so you can take bus or train from KL Sentral to KLIA. Then you should take Bus #471 from KLIA bus terminal. You should take the same bus 471 if you are travelling from the airport and opt for public transport. You would need to get down from the bus at Petronas and the resort would be in two kilometers of walking distance. You can get a cab ride from airport as well which would be much faster than the bus and walking.


The resort has a way for you to get a ride from KLIA 1 & 2. The shuttle would drop you directly to the resort. The link would be provided below. If you want to travel in a car 1-4 passengers, then you would pay RM30 one way. On the other hand, if you are travelling in a shuttle with 5-12 passengers, you would pay RM10 per Pax.




The various types of accommodation that the resort provides are explained below.

Hakka Village:

It is a bamboo type chalet that has hay on the roof with an open yard in the middle. It consists of two floors, the first floor having air conditioner while the second floor comes without air conditioner. There are 12 rooms in the Hakka Village, but has two different types of rooms. 10 rooms are for a group of 6-7 people and 2 other rooms for a small group of 4-5 people. Both the floors have ceiling fans, and the resort provides towels, comforter, bed, pillows and a standing mirror. The second  floor has a shared washroom separating males and females which comes with a water heater. Colorful hammocks in the room make it a lively atmosphere. You can relax lying on the hammock and reading a book or chatting with your friends. This should be your choice of accommodation if you are planning to visit with a group of people


Gendui Chalets

Gendui chalet is the best option for couple but it can also fit 4 people. There are 3 units for this beautiful chalet which comes with bamboo masterpieces as furnitures.It comes with attached bathroom with water heater. The rooms have two single beds along with the required amenities. You can ask for an additional mattress for which you have to pay. The chalet does not have air conditioner but you would not feel hot or humid as it is thatched with palm leaves. All the rooms have wall socket for charging your phone or laptop.


Astana Ninik Chalets

This chalet is also a good option for couples with a child. You can request for an extra mattress just like Gendui Chalet. Astana Ninik Chalet is smaller in size compared to Gendui Chalet, but it has 9 units. Each chalet is obviously separated from the others. You enter the chalet using a small wooden staircase. The whole room is furnished with unique bamboo furniture with  a double bed. The room has a ceiling fan and a mesh net covers the bed to avoid mosquitoes at night. Just like Gendui Chalet, this chalet comes with attached bathroom with heater too.


Bamboo Hut

Bamboo hut is more like an open dormitory with a walkway in the middle. The hut is spacious and has curtains as the door. This bamboo is perfect for yoga retreat as it very airy and you live with nature. Plenty of ceiling fans are in the hut to not make you feel hot. The bamboo hut can hold up to 12 people. You can book a single bed or you can book the entire hut. A mosquito net would be provided for your bed with a wall-socket by the bedside. A locker would be given to keep your personal belongings.


Hammock Spheres

The name says it all. It is a spherical open bamboo hut has two areas which are the northern and southern hammock spheres. It has hammocks instead of bed but it has mesh canopy hanging from the top which would keep away all the insects. There is a small circular gap in the room which allows to look at the sky lying down on your canopy. Normally, the hammock sphere is open which means it is shared by other people. You can also book it privately, but you should know that only 10 people are allowed. The hut comes with ceiling fans and it also provides a sleeping bag. This hammock sphere is also perfect for yoga retreat.


Bamboo Tents

The bamboo tents are chalet type but made to look like a tent. It has a small door and the room is private but only consists of a bed. It is good for two people or couples. Not to worry, there is a small ceiling fan and a power socket as well. There are 28 bamboo tents, 16 of them are garden tents and 12 of them are lakeside tents.

Eco Tents

Eco Tents are the cheapest option out of all of them. They are pre-pitched purple colored tents that can handle 2 people comfortably. A sleeping mat, bad and an inflatable pillow is provided in the tent. The eco tents give you a full-on camping experience with the tents under starlit sky.


Eco Tents at Tadom Hill
Eco Tent at Tadom Hill

Here is a link for you to book your accommodation:


Food options:

There are two food huts in the resort. One is a simple cafe “Tadom Hill Cafe”, and the other seems more like a restaurant. They have private catering for groups above 20 people. They make a variety of buffet which is great for any kind of field-trip. The cafe serves A La Carte Malay dishes which can go as low as RM10. It also has some international dishes like spaghetti but it costs a bit more.


Tadom Hill's Lake
Tadom Hill Lake


You can also enjoy the activities only, if you do not plan to stay the night. You have to pay for the daily pass at the entrance. You can get locker at the reception if you want to keep your belongings.

Bamboo Rafts

You can swim around in the lake or even be on a bamboo raft. Both are included in your daily pass. If you are a first timer on the bamboo raft, be careful not to bump in to another raft. Using the bamboo raft pedal gets very exhausting so you can rest in the lake on your raft.

Tarzan Swing

It is also included in the daily pass. You have to swim in the lake and then climb up a staircase. There you hold a rope and jump off the platform. You would swing straight into the lake. Be careful to not land on your face on water.

Diving Platform

You climb up some stairs and then you jump off the platform. You should not do it if you do not have beginner knowledge in diving. This fun activity is included in the daily pass.


You have to deposit RM50 and then you can use the net. The person in charge would provide you with the volleyball. A nice way to enjoy with your friends.


You can have a BBQ under the stars. The resort provides you with the required equipment, and marinated food. All you need to do is start the fire and grill your chicken or meat or veggies. It is a fun activity to do with friends but it starts in the evening.


Archery is RM10 for 10 arrows. It is quite entertaining to throw arrows, hence the resort kept an archery. You have to pay RM15 for 10 arrows for the "Sumpit". The sumpit is a Malaysian traditional blowpipe, where darts are inserted from the hole at the end of the long bamboo pipe. You hold your hand on the pipe and aim. Then blow in and straight out into the sumpit opening. Sumpit opening looks like a rug with a hole symbolizing a bull’s eye.

Tug of War

There is no prize given for the tug of war. But, it is a great way to have fun if you are on an excursion or with a large group of people. There is a deposit of RM50. A referee would stand there overlooking and cheering on while you show your strength.

Badminton, Basketball & Table Tennis

Basketball loop & Table tennis require you to pay RM50 as a deposit if you want to play. For badminton court, along with the equipment, you have to pay RM100. The basketball loop is not high and you can have match with your friend of who scored most in what time. Or, you can just play however you like. Table tennis is a great source of entertainment, and so is badminton.


ATV is not included in the daily pass. If you want to ride ATV, you have to pay at the reception. There are both day and night time rides. The day ride is RM43 for 20 minutes, and RM80 for 40 minutes on weekday. Weekend rates are also not that high, RM48 and RM88 for 20 and 40 minutes respectively. You can also take your friend with you on your ride if he/she is not confident enough. It would require only RM30 in add on the passenger. The night ride is surely more expensive and lasts from 8-10pm. It is also different than the day ride as the night ride allows 5 or more people. During weekdays, the 20 minutes and 40 minutes ride is RM73 and RM110 respectively. This becomes RM86 and RM128 for weekends. You can rent the ATV there anytime between 10am-12.30pm or 2pm-6.30pm. During weekends, the afternoon hours start from 1.30pm.

Tadom Hill ATV area

Tadom Hill

Flying Fox

Tadom Flying Fox is not inclusive of day pass. It is a gripping experience and you should try it. You can pay for your ride from 10am-12pm, or 2pm-6pm. The weekday rate is RM30 for single ride, but RM40 for unlimited rides. Students would pay the least as the cost of their single ride is RM20 and RM30 for unlimited rides. This rate is even cheaper than in-house rides. The weekend rate rises up by RM5.  


The day pass is RM22 per person which is only available from 9am-6.45pm.

There are special packages for students, families and team-building. Student package is RM88 per person for a group of over 30 people. It comes with leisure tents as well.

Family package costs RM88 for adults and RM80 for kids aged between 3-12 years old. The weekend rates go higher by RM8-10.

You can book packages from this link:



If you are paying a visit to Tadom, hope you enjoy it. If you are not planning to do the BBQ or ATV night ride, I do not think it is required for you to stay a night for the activities. It is really worth if if you choose to spend a whole day there along with the night experience. Staying in cool bamboo huts or chalets with the canopies is a fascinating experience.


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