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Kuantan: Guide to a relaxed trip with beaches & spa

Kuantan is the state capital of Pahang, Malaysia. It is a civilised and a relaxed place. You should definitely pay a visit there if you want to unwind and not involve yourself with wild adventures. Kuantan has a number of beaches, and malls. You can even go watch movie at a cinema at night. Travelling around Kuantan is quite convenient by Grab(e-hailing application).

How to go there:

By Air:

International visitors may choose to go to Kuantan directly or via transit by air using Malaysian Airlines or budget airlines like Air Asia. There are daily flights from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) to Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport in Kuantan. It would take around 45 minutes to reach the airport.

By Bus:

You can book your tickets from TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) for Kuantan. Then reach to Bandar Tasik Selatan via MRT or KTM or TBS via bus or cab. Go to one of the counters on the ground floor, and get your ticket directly. You can buy the ticket on the day of your travel but sometimes the bus gets fully booked. It is better to get it earlier. You can book your ticket online, but make sure you collect your boarding pass or you would not know which gate you are supposed to be waiting at. The bus ride takes 3-4 hours and the ticket is quite cheap too.  

Here is the link for the online bus ticket:


Teluk Cempadak
Teluk Cempadak Picture Credits: Rujhan Basir


If you want to stay in Kuantan city area, you can check for hotels located around the Kuantan City Mall. If you are on a trip, you should book a place on the beachfront. There are a number of good hotels and resorts in Kuantan. If you want to stay at Teluk Cempedak beachfront, Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort is recommended. If you are planning to stay in Cherating beachfront, you can check out Swiss Garden Beach Resort Kuantan. Swiss Garden Beach Resort provides free shuttle to night markets, mini zoo, and batik village. You can book from booking.com or airbnb or the hotel’s sites.





Teluk Cempadak

Teluk Cempadak Picture Credits: Rujhan Basir

This is a very crowded beach. A lot of stalls are there right at the entrance of the beach for buying souvenirs or dresses. McDonald’s and McCafe on the beachfront get a lot of customers. As you walk towards the end of the stretch of beach from the left of McDonald’s, you will see a bridge. Beware of the monkeys there, as they try to snatch things away. Keep your valuables in your bag or pocket. The bridge connects to another beach. The walk on the wooden bridge is adventurous with the hills on your left and sea on your right. When you reach the other beach, you will be captivated by the big grey rocks on the beach. You can climb some rocks as a fun activity and just chill on the rock. Crabs are there too but not as much as Cherating beach. A small hippie cafe there with a swing and a hammock. The decoration of the cafe is bohemian with loud Bob Marley songs being played. The drinks and coffee are a bit overpriced though.


You can go for lunch at LoTeng, which is at the entrance. “LoTeng” is a restaurant which serves delicious food. It has been visited by celebrities in the past, and has very good reviews. The restaurant is a two-storey building that overlooks the beach. The second floor has a great view with cool sea breeze. Sipping on their chilly drinks on an afternoon with your buddy and charming view is definitely a must-do.

Instagram account: @loteng.tc

Facebook account: Loteng

Pantai Balok

Pantai Balok is best for family day out. The distance is not so far from the city center. There are plenty of accommodations available around the beach area. A clean beach with soft sand and plenty of food stalls make it a perfect getaway. It is not as crowded as Teluk Cempedak. It is nice for swimming but be careful of the sudden strong current of the waves.


Cherating Beach

This is a long stretch of beach with lots of crabs. It is very peaceful and watching the sunset while being on a sunbed sipping on coconut water is divine. You will see big crabs scurrying around.

Pantai Batu Hitam

Batu Hitam Beach

In English, it means Black Stone Beach. A very enchanting rocky beach with black and grey stones all around. It becomes the perfect backdrop of a group photo. The palm trees surrounds the beach covered with dark rocks. It serves as a perfect picnic spot with the salty sea breeze brushing against your face.

ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle)

Riding ATV is a venturesome experience. If you are staying in accommodations at Cherating Beach, the hotels arrange it for you. You can get both day and night rides by the beach. The ATV rides mostly take place at Sungai Karang, next to Swiss Garden Residences. You can book a day ride around 5 pm and watch the sunset while riding ATV on the beach. During the Ramadan month, the operators do not have the ATV day rides.

FB:  ATV UTV Kuantan

Contact no. +60129647060


Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort, and Swiss Garden Beach Resort have a relaxing spa facility. I went to the Swiss Garden Beach Resort Spa. If you stay at Swiss Garden Beach Resort, you get a discount on the second thing you want to try. The name of the spa is “Samsara Spa” and it provides hair spa, foot spa, milk bath, scrubs and samsara special body massage. It has a bohemian decoration and you can go to the spa even if you did not book at Swiss Garden Beach Resort, but you require prior booking.

Natural Batik Village

The Batik Village is a huge area full of batik collections. There is a convenient store, handicraft store, and a batik art gallery. The art gallery has beautiful art pieces including canvas and pottery. You can make your own tye-dye shirt and also watch the professionals at work. You can also ask for a silk screen printing. This is a great place to visit if you are crazy about art. The entrance for this amazing experience is free.

Night Market

Night Market happens at the popular beaches of Kuantan. You can buy some souvenirs or beach dresses from there. But most importantly, you can try the local food from the stalls. It is quite crowded, so take care of your belongings.

Mini Zoo Taman Teruntum

When I visited the mini zoo, it did not have any entrance fee. It is a small zoo that has a number of rare animals. The zoo is not clean, but kids might like it. There are ostriches, gibbons, snakes and some farm animals. The playground area for kids was not so clean but it really needs some renovation. The zoo overlooks the “Royal Pahang Golf Course”.

It is a great place for relaxation. If you visit Kuantan, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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