Langkawi Activities Plan

Langkawi: What activities to do there

It is a follow up post of my previous article on Langkawi island. Here you can get to know what activities this beautiful and romantic island holds for you. I hope this helps you out to plan your outings during your stay.

Island hopping:

There are quite a number of island tours, you can check the brochure from the hotels or the beach areas. The one that I think was the best was a scenic cruise with lunch, and its duration was eight hours. It is good mainly because it will let you explore the Langkawi sea altogether. The hotels help you to book it so you get picked up from the hotels. I found it really convenient especially cause I was staying in the city. It cost me around a 120 MYR. The cruise includes, eagle feeding, mangrove tour, bat caves and the popular havens in the Andaman Sea. If you did not know this, UNESCO declared Langkawi as one of the 64 globally recognized geo-parks. The mangrove forest is beyond beautiful. You would be taken for a buffet lunch in a floating fish farm where you can buy fishes and shrimps to be served fresh there or you can take it away for a barbecue night.

Cable car ride, Oriental Village tour & Sky Bridge:

The Climb:

Langkawi offers Malaysia’s longest cable car ride and it is one of the must-do activities. Some locals use it as their daily mode of transportation. There is an option for packages which includes Skycab, Skydome and Skyrex. You can drive to the Oriental Village or you can rent a cab from the hotel to take you there. From there, you can buy a ticket for the cable car and start your journey. Enjoy the breathtaking view from the glasses of the skycab. You can mesmerize the view of the rainforests, Seven Wells waterfalls, and the Indian Ocean. There would be a stop in the middle station, which is 610 metres above sea level to let you enjoy the scenery. In a bit you would be starting your journey to the top station, which would take approximately 20 more minutes.

The Descent:

The top station is 708 metres above sea level. Needless to say, the atmosphere would be quite chilly but it soothes your senses. You can go back down the same way you came, i.e via cable cars. Or, you can choose the famous Sky Bridge if you love adventures. Sky Bridge can be quite scary as it is 25 feet single pylon and it is approximately 300 feet above the ground. The view is totally worth the courage though. After reaching the bottom station, you can look around the stalls to get some souvenirs and local handcrafted items for yourself or your loved ones. If you are an arts lover, check out the 3D Arts Museum which is included in the package or you can just pay for the ticket if you are going by yourself.

Sunset Cocktail Cruise:

Sunset Cocktail Cruise Langkawi

You can get a package for it, and surprise your significant other. Or just book it for a friends’ trip! A driver will come to pick you up from the hotel to the marina where the yacht will be waiting. Watching sunset on this spacious yacht is a lovely way of spending the evening. The yacht will sail through the crystal waters with the setting sun in the horizon while you enjoy sipping cocktails and listening to music. There will be a free flow of drinks with a lot of options to choose from. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are provided. From the yacht you will be able to see the eagles swooping down to catch fishes from the sea. Don’t forget to take pictures of this beautiful evening! A driver would escort you back to the hotel in a shuttle.

Water Sports:


If you are travelling in September, do not worry. All water activities are available during this month, but it closes in October. There is one tiny problem about parasailing though. If you are travelling in an off-season, you have to wake up quite early if you want to do parasailing. But sometimes, due to the wind direction, the people would tell you to do it the next day. Listen to them even if it is frustrating because they know what they are talking about.

Langkawi Mangrove Forest Malaysia
Langkawi Mangrove Forest


You can book the water-sports from the hotel, but I would suggest to get it from the beach of “Pantai Cenang” itself. Or, you can also look around the beach area while looking at the retail stores. It would just be cheaper if you book it by yourself. You would find a lot of shops that provides water sports, so no worries.

The watersports provided in Langkawi are:

  1. Jet-ski
  2. Parasailing
  3. Paragliding
  4. Snorkeling
  5. Banana boat

Marine Park Tour:

Pulau Payar is Malaysia’s first marine park and it is definitely a place to be for fun in the sun. Explore the sea life in that area by swimming and snorkeling. If you do not want to get wet, there is the glass bottomed boat for that! You can see the various sorts of creatures in the park and even dive into the sea to say hi to them. A lunch buffet would be served with the tour package which is really needed after the hours of lazing in the sun.

 Langkawi Marine Park Tour Malaysia

Langkawi Marine Park Tour

Hope you enjoyed reading my article. Let me know if you faced anything unusual during your stay.


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