Cameron Highlands Trip Malaysia

Trip to Cameron Highlands

Just as Malaysia has beautiful and romantic islands, it also has some must-visit highlands. Cameron Highlands is one them and it has magnificent sites. The most amazing thing about Cameron Highlands is its weather. It is very calming and relaxing. I am going to tell you some less fussy way of travelling there and the activities you should do when you are there. A note to all of you, sometimes it can be chilly up there so just carry a warm clothing.

How to travel there:

By Car:

It is a good choice if you are planning to take the road trip with your friends or family and not alone. Note that you have at least one person that is an experienced driver as some of the roads are very narrow with many sharp turns. Carry some snacks and have some breaks often cause after all, it is a road trip!

By Bus:

There are multiple buses that leave for Cameron Highlands from TBS. You can book a ticket at the counter or online using the TBS-BTS site, suggested you buy in advanced. One thing to note like at an airport you still need your ID and payment confirmation to collect the tickets from the main counter.


Whether you want to stay there or not, is totally up to you. When I visited Cameron Highlands, I did not stay the night as I went for a day road trip with my friends. If you want to stay in the hilly areas for some days and enjoy the views, go ahead.

You can book some clean home stays overlooking killer views. Get the booking from because they give you the cheapest and best options. Their website is pretty easy to use and get the sorting options for lowest price first if you have a budget.



On the way up to Cameron Highlands, you would notice a lot of cars parked. People go to the natural springs and have some fun time in the water. It is also a good break during travelling. The person driving a car would also be able to rest. Cultural stalls would catch your attentions. These stalls are so creative, and you would see what they make out of coconut or palm leaves, bamboos and jute. Antique shops are there too if you are a fan of that.

Boh Tea Plantation

Tea Garden Cameron Highlands Malaysia
View of Cameron Highlands from the top

Boh Tea Plantation is a must-visit. After you reach the Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation, you would find car parking. A restroom is right in front of the car-parks. It is actually a bus stop. A bus comes every few minutes and takes the people to the Tea Plantation. You can go inside the factory and have a look at the how tea is processed from leaves.

You can enjoy a cup of Boh tea with some freshly baked cakes overlooking the best view of Cameron. Its hills stretched for miles where the tea plants are grown.

Strawberry Farm

Strawberry Farm Cameron Highlands Malaysia
Strawberry Farm

There are two strawberry farms, one is on the way to Boh Tea Plantation and the other is a small drive away. You can check it out on the way of going up to the tea plantation, or afterwards.  The best part of the strawberry farm is that you can hand-pick your strawberries and take them home. It is a must to have a chilled strawberry milkshake there, it tastes amazing. Almost forgot to mention, the strawberry farm also has a small nursery where you can buy some nice plants or small little cactus to adorn your room. The strawberry farm that is en route to Boh Plantation has pure honey up for grabs! I visited both the farms because one of them did not have strawberries to pick.

Cactus and Honey Cameron Highlands Malaysia
Cactus & Honey

That is all I have to say about going to Cameron Highlands. Its scenic beauty is beyond description and if you are staying in Malaysia or are visiting Malaysia, you should definitely visit it.

Talk to you soon! Cheers!

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