Broga Hills Malaysia Hike Outing

Watching Sunrise at Broga Hill

Have you went hiking recently? If not, why not plan something spontaneous with your friends or significant other this coming weekend or holiday? Take them out to an adventurous day out for hiking. Watching the sunrise from broga hill is one of the activities that is a must do. You can also watch the sunset but I would rather watch the sunset in some cruise instead of hiking. Broga Hill has four peaks but the tallest peak has a breathtaking view for sunrise.  

Drive to Broga Hill:

If you are staying in Selangor, it is really a bit of a 40-50 minutes drive from the city. By the way, it would require you to start quite early if you want to be there to watch the sunrise. It would be better if you start around 3AM  if you are further from Midvalley, and 4AM if you are nearby. It is a pretty easy drive up there and you will be crossing University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus on the way. You can easily waze there or use Google Maps whichever you prefer. You would find a car park that would be surrounded by palm trees. There would be a person who would show you where the parking  is. The fee for parking is just RM 2 which is quite convenient.

Things to pack:

  1. Plenty of water: Carry a big flask of water because trust me, the hike is quite tiring. It is really a requirement to hydrate yourself.
  2. Snacks: Get  some chocolate bars or  some fruits to snack en route to the peak.
  3. Lights: Torch lights or head lamps because you would need light while you are hiking in the dark. Head lamps are preferred obviously just to keep your hands free.
  4. Insect repellent: Just get an insect repellent and rub it on your body in order to avoid bites.
  5. Shoes: You need shoes with good grip to have your hiking adventure. Malaysia is a tropical country so it rains here a lot. You have to be careful of some slippery areas.
  6. Salt: Just in case any leech gets stuck on your body.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Take your time in the hike and do not rush it if you are not an expert.
  2. Try to move cautiously with strong foothold all the time.
  3. Do not hold any plant or tree for support. The roots can come off easily and you can fall.
  4. Do not hold onto someone for support.
  5. Stay with your group all the time as there were incidents where people got lost.

Food Stalls and Toilet:

You would not find any food stalls at 3 or 4 AM. If you want to catch the sunrise, you have to be there by 4 or 5 AM, so you have to keep in mind about no stalls being there during that time. Not to worry though, the food stalls and coffee shops would be open around 6 AM. After your hike, you would find lots of food vendors at the foot of the hill. There is a bit of a problem about toilet though. There is only one toilet available which is a bit of a problem when there is a lot of crowd, and you have to pay RM 1 for usage of it.

The sunrise is really beautiful. You can carry a beach towel and have breakfast up there watching the sunrise with a flask of hot coffee. Take pictures of the sunrise and of this sweet adventure of yours. Do let me know if I missed out anything or if you have any more questions.

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