How digitalisation or IT helps to materialize your ideas

Almost everything in this world today is being done with technology. We use the help of digital technologies like, mobile application, websites etc. in every aspect of our lives. It makes the tasks in our lives faster and more efficient in less time.

This digital world has made it possible for us to move forward with just an idea. You can build your own business or start-up with an idea to help or make daily activities in life more efficient. This is materializing the dreams of so many individuals.

Those individuals who are following up with just a mere idea are called tech-entrepreneurs. They notice what is required by people and would be beneficial to the society. Then they come up with a plan to create a software as a solution to materialise their idea.


Digitalisation is changing today’s world for better. The start-ups are innovative and does not involve a huge risk or large amount of cash to start the business. If the start-ups become successful and if it is beneficial to the society, it becomes famous in no time! You can earn so much just out of your own idea.

We use cell phones or tabs etc. to do everything nowadays. You can manage your shopping lists over phone, get job offers online, shop or send gifts to your loved ones and what not! You can just see the drastic digitalisation from online shopping. Mobile shopping has become the fastest growing segment in the world or e-commerce.


There are a lot of successful startups who made it through. Their innovations and journey are quite a read. Five of the successful startups which help in our daily activities are.

1. LinkedIn- LinkedIn’s main aim is to help people apply for jobs they would prefer. It also helps recruiters interview potential candidates for the required jobs. LinkedIn has become one of the most used job platforms which is online and totally hassle-free. In this way, you will never miss any interview!

2. Uber- This start-up was based on the need of calling taxis. Remember the days when we would have to stand and wave for a taxi? Or, just call the taxi station’s number in hopes of getting a cab? Uber came up with a solution that would help people get taxis faster. Through Uber, people can also join as drivers and earn extra money driving.

3. Airbnb- Airbnb has come up with a solution of booking hotels or rooms within your budget. You do not require any hardcopy for it as you can simply show from your booking reference from your phone. It is reliable, and you can even inquire the hotels or hosts through the site or app. You get to meet locals and have some facilities for a cheap price! Nowadays you do not need to pay any agencies for hotels because of Airbnb and yet have a safe and beautiful retreat.

4. Pinterest- Pinterest is the place where you pin your adventures or search for ideas. It is an online scrapbook but with also a tinge of social networking. You can get inspirations, recipes as well as get beautiful decoration ideas for any event or your room. Create boards with labels and start saving your memories!

5. Slack- This messaging platform came on the radar as one of the top startups for 2017. It was just launched on 2013. Slack helps a group of people, a team or a company associates stay up to date on the tasks delegated. This is a solution to all those times spent in traffic or on the road as from now on you can work on the go!

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