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I have cellulite and it is perfectly ok | Ran Out of Ink

The popularity and spread of social media, specifically Instagram, took everybody by a storm a couple of years back. With all its perks, the biggest blowback to it was when women started to get conscious of their bodies. Now, seeing the fakeness in everything is getting sickening. When I was a teen, I did not know about the existence of this majestically hard-to-remove dimpled skin called cellulite. I came across these photos of perfect skin on butt nude people on Instagram. I started to wonder how to get that. Not to judge, but I was one of those young women. Accepting the real me was hard for me. On top of that, I had that ex who constantly made me feel like I need to change to be worthy of anyone’s attention. He made me feel like there was something wrong with me which made me obsessed with my body. Hate to say this, but somehow, I became that ugly bully to myself. Instead of loving myself, I picked on myself. It took me years and an unhealthy obsession to finally accept that I have cellulite and it is perfectly ok.

Now let’s get back to this time of my life where I constantly felt insecure by that guy I was dating. He said that is fat and apparently I need to lose that to avoid this type of skin texture. Too much information maybe. But, I just want you to know that you are enough in case you are going through something similar. Society, filters, and fake human beings have made this perfectly normal thing an object of shame. It is harmless and people are born with it. Yes, even newborn babies have cellulite on their butt cheeks. 

Are you trying to lose it? If yes, then ask yourself why? Do you need to feel validated by a seemingly insignificant person who is emotionally harming you? Or, is it because you feel that you are not enough compared to fellow human beings who heavily modify their images? Well then, news flash, most women have cellulite and it is beautiful, or else God would not create it.

Pregnancies can make cellulite more visible, or sudden gain of fat. You can just try to minimize it by moisturizing your skin when it goes through these types of transformations. The lies the beauty industry tells you about it being unnatural, or that, you are ugly if you have it. They also claim that they can remove it if you do certain expensive invasive procedures. Well, it will always come back. And, why would you put yourself through that again?

If you really do not like the look of it, then try to minimize it with those oils or creams. You do not have to go through totally trying to remove it and be unnatural. In a certain surgical procedure, the doctor collects your fat and you deposit it for others to use it. If fat was so bad, then why would someone else pay to get your fat? Plus, thick women or men have more cellulite on their ass cheeks and thighs because they are natural. 

Please abolish the idea of having big breasts, a tiny waist, big hips, and thick thighs if you are a woman. You cannot have a “big, fat ass” without cellulite. Sorry to say this, call me sexist if you will, women are the awful victims of these unnatural body images. I understand men may face it too of those ripped six-packs but they are not being asked to have a tiny waist and a fat ass at the same time.

Also, men have more muscle mass than women which makes those muscles pop. Expecting that from females in terms of an absolutely flat tummy is absurd because we need a sheath of fat to protect the uterus in the lower belly. Help end this toxic unachievable body image issue and let’s create a better world for tomorrow. Stop cellulite criminalization and say out loud, “I have cellulite, and it is perfectly OK.”