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Undated Modern Digital Planner

Undated Modern Digital Planner

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Our undated modern digital planner comes with more than 35 templates suitable for everyday use. With cheery and functional designs you can get more organized and be more productive. The templates are designed to be easily reused so that you never have the need to buy another planner.

This product contains the following features:

  • FULLY LINKED INDEX PAGE - This is a complete index page containing hyperlinks to every template inside the planner. Accessing the index is super easy as it can be accessed from all the pages through the top navigation bar.
  • TOP NAVIGATION BAR - All the pages in the planner have access to this navigation bar. It contains hyperlinks to pages that you might need access to at any given time. This saves you time and makes navigating through the planner a breeze.
  • DEDICATED MONTHS TEMPLATES AND SIDE LINKS - For every month there is a custom template with that month's name and days count. Those templates can be accessed through the side navigation bar with the month's name on them.
  • THREE DAILY ROUTINE & GOALS TEMPLATE - The most important template is the daily one, and that is why we designed three different ones. Two different variations of the daily weekdays and one dedicated only to weekends which is revolved more around relaxing and having fun than work.
  •  QUICK MENU PAGE - This is a dedicated page with links to the most commonly used templates and acts as a faster way to reach your templates than using the index page. Similarly, it can be accessed through the top navigation bar.
  • CALENDAR - Contains the full calendars for 2023 and 2024
  • WEEKLY & YEARLY GOALS - Dedicated templates for weekly goals and yearly goals, undated and ready to be used for any week or year.
  • KEY DATES - Never forget an important date with a unique template just to keep note of all those important dates.
  • PASSWORDS - If you like to write down your passwords this is the right place for them. Designed to give you enough space to write down all your passwords in a modern and clean way.
  • FITNESS & MEAL PLAN - For those who are more health conscious, two dedicated templates to keep track of your workout routine and your meal plan.
  • MEDICINE - Keeping track of medicine might be hard, but not with this template. Dedicated only to keeping track of medicines and vitamins.
  • RECIPE - Store your favorite culinary inventions safely in a reusable functional recipe template that can be passed down to generations.
  • APPOINTMENTS - Note down all those important appointments in a clean and organized manner. Remembering your appointments has never been easier.
  • SHOPPING LISTS - Whether you are buying groceries, doing random shopping, or going for gifts, there are dedicated templates for each of them to keep it all separate and easy to track.
  • PRODUCTIVITY TEMPLATES - Planning can help you achieve your goals faster, that is why we included productivity templates to suit your needs. Included are templates to help you make decisions, plan projects and keep track of their progress, create a vision board, list down your achievements, and much more.
  • ENTERTAINMENT TEMPLATES - Only work and no play is no good. Therefore, find various templates to help you plan your next trip, make a wishlist of things you want to buy or places to visit, and note down all concerts, movies, shows, and podcasts you want to watch or listen to later.
  • AND MUCH MORE - There are even more templates to help you plan events, interpret your dreams, or just doodle around. The surprises never end and you will not be disappointed.

Please note that you will be able to download this product right after purchasing. However, if you face any issues or just want to ask us about anything feel free to email us at and we will respond to you as soon as possible and assist you. 

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