Things you need to know before going to Krabi Island

Krabi Island is a beautiful romantic island and most of us have heard about it. It is a must-visit for the lovebirds out there or a group of friends who want to have fun. I would be giving you tips about travelling there, staying there, and the do’s and
don’ts of these situations. Hope it would be helpful.

Ways of Travelling:


  1. Try travelling by air, as it is much faster and hassle-free.Air Asia provides the cheapest flights.
  2. Carry all the documents in hardcopy (Passport, Visa if you have, Hotel Booking, Flight Booking or Bus Booking and any other necessary documents just in case). Even if you have an e-copy, print it out because I saw people facing problems for that.
  3. Carry THB 50,000 if you are travelling alone and THB 100,000 if you are travelling with your family. Make sure you convert your currency to get this amount, as they might ask you to show your cash in the airport or the land border immigration.
  4. You can carry extra cash of your currency if you want to and convert it in the country if it does not exceed USD 20,000.
  5. If you want to travel by land from Malaysia, you can book bus tickets online from TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) to three different ports in Thailand. You can choose Hatyai as your port if you want to go to Krabi.
  6. You can also book e-tickets from a port of Thailand to Krabi. These shuttle services will drop you to your hotel.
  7. If you are travelling by bus to Hatyai, get a “Tooktook” to your shuttle service which will take you to your hotel as you will have lots of bags, and the walking might be hectic.
  8. Get taxi only from the airport if you went to Thailand by air.
  9. You should always carry a lot of cash when you are travelling just in case you face any problem, or accidents. You should be prepared. But, keep half of the cash you took to Krabi in a safe in the hotel.
Hatyai Town


  1. If you are an International and not from one of the ASEAN Countries, do not travel by land, instead try travelling by air. Because, the land border might cause you some hassle that you would want to avoid. They would come up with some excuse to ask for
  2. Just when you get off the bus from Malaysia to Thailand, you would be surrounded with aggressive people who would ask you to get on their taxi or something. Avoid these as they will charge you more and you need to be careful there. And beware of touts
    there. Do not respond to them.
  3. Do not get a taxi or a “Tooktook” from the hotel. Its unnecessary pricey. When you go to the Ao Nang Beach area and find a streak of shops, look for some tourism offices. They provide you shuttle to airport in a convenient price and your convenient time.
  4. Do not wait to covert your currency to the required amount you need to carry that you would have to show to the airport. There are no currency exchange until you cross immigration.

Hotel Booking:


  1. You can book your hotels online on two well-known online sites: (if you want to take rooms) and Airbnb (if you want to take a whole
    villa). You can create a free account there, and just choose to pay when you stay. It would require putting your card details to confirm the booking, and to take cash if you have cancelled 15 days before your arrival. Check the cancellation policy.
  2. You can book through these links to help you save 10% of your hotel booking which the hotel will refund to you upon staying. Here is the links:
Ao Nang Lakeside Bungalow view


  1. Try to check the area you are booking the hotel from. You don’t want your hotel to be so far away from the beach.Therefore, a good location can be Ao Nang Beach area.

Drugs/Alcohol related:


  1. Take a “Tooktook” at night, and do not travel alone.
  2. Carry your Identity Card and the Passport at all times.


  1. Do not ask about drugs or marijuana from the shopkeepers or bartenders. They might help you get it, but you also might be caught by the police as the bartenders who sold you the drug are going to inform the police so that you can be fined heavily. Do
    mark that if you don’t pay the fine upfront, you would be serving jail time. Stick to alcohol in that case because it is super cheap.
  2. Don’t carry all your cash at a bar. Keep some at home.
  3. Avoid some shady disco-looking vans at night.



  1. Try the fruits. The pineapples are amazing.
  2. In the Ao Nang Beach side area, there is a line of food shops or restaurants which stay open till 10 pm. In addition to that, you should try Tom Yam.
  3. Check the Lazy Bar and Guesthouse which offers very tasty Red Snapper.

Lazy Bar’s Red Snapper

krabi food
Lazy Bar’s Tom Yam Soup
Chicken with Basil leaves


  1. Do not just go in and order if you do not see the Halal sign. Check or ask for Halal food if you are a Muslim. Some food places do not have the Halal sign even though they serve Halal food.



  1. There is a streak of shops in the Ao Nang Beach area. It opens at 11am and stays open till 10pm. You should go around at night to these shops by walking or by tooktook. Tooktook will charge you more so I would suggest walking.
  2. Get some body scrub or facial scrub from there. Its good and natural.


  1. Beware of pickpockets and make sure you have all your personal belongings secured.

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